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Daniel Brühl Interview

Daniel Brühl Interview
The actor Daniel Brühl visited our voice actors agency for a recording. He is the English voice in the film "The Promise" ("Das Versprechen" in German). The documentary tells the story of Jens Söring, who for the last 32 years has been serving a prison sentence in the USA for a murder he probably had not commit. Below, the interview with Daniel: Da...
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Voiceover application part 3 - personally or via postal service

Voiceover application part 3 - personally or via postal service
Welcome to our review of voice talents who contact us. Today we talk about personal appearance at our agency or regular mail by post. 1.3 First contact via personal appearance or regular mail ​ Very few voice talents ring at our door here at the speaker agency and sound studio Berlin. We would recommed not to contact personally agencies o...
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Voiceover application part 2 - via Telephone

Welcome to our second post for Voice talents how to contact us or other agencies via telehpone. 1.2 First contact via telephone I know that professional voice artists dont like self-marketing, but when it comes to the first application via telephone it is most important to be prepared. So gather all the information you need about us or the job/agen...
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Selfmarketing for Voice talents

Selfmarketing for Voice talents
Welcome to our blogreview of how to make the best application as an voiceover artist... We hope to help you to get your voicedemos to clients, studios and voice agencies all over the world. We will highlight the possibilities of your "self-marketing" from our point of view. This blog is aimed at successful speakers and also those interested in beco...
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Recording with Professional Voice Actors high quality Audio for E-Learning

While producing an E-learning content or web based training, a major decision making factor is whether to use audio for the benefit of the end users.
Generally, narration is used for this kind of Audio E-learning. Music and sound effects are rarely used. This article describes the technical background for producing the best quality audio for this purpose.

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The best microphones for voice recording 2015

After intensive research here come our new article with over 60 microphones for Voice Over. Click here:
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Did you ever heard of ISDN Recording ?

Hi there,

this question will be answered in just a few years with a simple “no”. So today we will make a small analysis of the IP Market for voice over.

First of all: The “voice-over IP revolution“ that everybody was waiting for is already over. And just a few have seen the signs…
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The best mic-preamp combination- the best voiceover vocal chain

After much research we proudly present the best combination of microphones and preamplifier for voiceover. But before we start, here are some important factors that you have to "inhale" for voiceover:
1.) First, test a new combination of mic and preamp before you buy it. Some voices can be perfect on, for example, a Neumann TLM103, but some have just too much sibilance. So ask you local dealer to get some mics and preamps to test before buying.

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The best Voice Over Preamps

Here is a list of the preamps we would recommend for voice over. But remember: It is always the combination of Mic, Preamp and AD converter which defines the result. Not to mention "little things" like EQ, Compression or even cables (we only use Monster Cables or Vovox Klangleiter in our studios):

DAV_bg 1u front

  DAV No. 1U
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50 Tricks for Voice Talents

Your voiceover or "voice artiste" can be your friend or foe. They can totally ruin your script - or they can turn your mediocre script into something vaguely acceptable. They can make your award-winning script into, well, an award-winning script - or not.
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The best Voice Over Analog to Digital Converter

Here are the best Analog to Digital Converters for your voice. But remember: It is always the combination of Mic, Preamp and AD converter which defines the result. Not to mention "little things" like EQ, Compression, digital clock or even cables (we only use Monster Cables or Vovox Klangleiter in our studios).

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The Best Voiceover Mics

The best Voiceover Mics...here are the best Voice-Over Microphones arranged by price... but remember its your natural Voiceover Talent that can make any mic the right mic!

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What does it take to be a professional voice talent?

The biggest misconception in voice-overs is as follows: "I have a great voice, and that means that I can do voice-overs, no problem!" Needless to say, a great voice is not the only factor that breeds a solid career in voice acting. A voice talent is not just a great voice, but a person with endless ambition, polished talent, and good business sense.

The first requirement, although it may seem obvious, is that you should be able to read well out loud.
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What kind of budget do I have to estimate for your services ?

There are many factors that help determine the budget you should have for your project. They include lenght of the recording, purpose of the recording and the voice talents you choose. Sometimes you will even need mastered files so you can just send them to TV stations or stream them in the internet.
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