For a german TV production we recorded ADR with german artists like Uwe Ochsenknecht. The film director was in Munich and directed per ISDN to picture the whole session for 8 hours.
Wir nahmen wieder für Siemens Medical Care Texte in diversen Sprachen auf. Das machen wir schon seit Jahren und immer wieder.
We recorded ADR with canadian actress Jeananne Gossen for the US series "Night Shift" via ISDN Session over EDNET. Jeananne was on holiday in Berlin and we had a link to picture session with Sony Studios in Culver City, California. As usual we record with Boom and Lav mic and send the session after recording to Sony.
We recorded with the german voice "Christian Schult" in Munich some OFF lines for 3 TV Spots for the "Mini Job Zentrale" togehter with the "Augsburger Puppenkiste". See here for the result: Rotkäppchen
For the tourism central agency in Mexico we recorded the german TV Spot with 11 years old boy Leon Aubrecht. For the video link please click here.

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