For "Coral" we recorded the german TVC in our recording studio in Berlin. The product managers from Hamburg where joining the session via Skype. Here is the Final Spot: Mixwerk Coral Spot
For the movie "Sils Maria" with Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche we have recorded ADR with Lars Eidinger. The session was conducted from Paris by Polyson via Source Connect and recorded there with chase to picture option.
For Symantec we recorded a Spot in English and German. Since over 5 years we record in 5 languages for their products.
We have recorded with a lot of german actors some TV series and films for major german TV stations.
For the german Bus transportation company "Mein Fernbus" we recorded the on board audio package. This time we recorded for the bus drivers some elearning material. Since over one year we do voiceover in german and english for that major player in german bus transportation.

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