Mixwerk produced voice prompts and voice overs in 8 languages for the german Adidas AG. Its always not that easy to produce a lot of voice prompts in foreign languages- say in the korean language. So we automatically inserted german audio numbers before each take for the film editors. This way we ensure that they always find the right position in the films.
For 7 episodes of a new australian TV series we recorded ADR with german actress Susan Hoecke.
For the new US series "From Dusk till Dawn" we recorded the first 10 episodes in german in our Berlin studios. The director was stationed somewhere in europe and we had a chase to picture session with him for 2 weeks.
For the movie"United Passion" we recorded in a night session with Source Connect/Skype german actor Thomas Kretschmann. The ADR material just came before the recordign took place but we managed to finished at the sceduled time. After the recording we made a photo of Thomas and Uwe from Mixwerk.

For a natural preserve in Luxembourg we recorded in dutch, french and german the audio guide. We had to seperate the recordings in each language: One version was for adults and one for children. So we recorded in 2 european cities (Berlin and Amsterdam).

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