Voice Production

We are passionate voice recording artists.

Whether voiceover for commercials, audio dramas or movies, we produce, mix and master with high-quality studio equipment.

And that for years already. Whether premaster, master or simple recording, everything is possible in our (enhanced) APTX/ Musictaxi studio in Berlin. Here are some pics of our studios in Berlin:

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We work in 3 steps:

To begin with, you describe your project to us. This is naturally without any obligation and free of charge.

If you are looking for a studio for voice recording, we charge 120 euros per hour (800 euros per day). Regardless of whether it's ISDN with image or a recording on „black“.

If you're looking for a voice talent, just listen to those in our online listings. Then we require only the word count or the text, as well as the way the recording will be used, whether for Internet, DVD, presentation, e-learning, radio/TV, etc.


We will offer you a price quote within 24 hours.

In Germany there are official price tariffs for voice talents to which we adhere. However, it is still possible, with a little creativity, to keep prices as low as possible, e.g. in the choice of voice talent.

Simply ask us before your recording for the best way to implement your project.


Now we begin. You will normally receive the finished product within 48 hours.

During the recording session you may be present in the Mixwerk studio, either in person, by telephone, Skype or MusicTaxi. Or you can go to a studio of your choice and record our voice talent from the Mixwerk studio by ISDN/Source Connect. This is also possible with image.

When the work is completed, we provide you with a secure download link from our server with the recording.


Mic in Recording 1


Edit 1


Recording 1


Studio 01


Studio 2


Recording 2


Foyer and Recreation Area


Audio Equipment Studio 1