We recorded in english and french for around 50 video clips for the Volkswagen AG. So we casted over 15 voices with 2 directors. Furthermore we were in charge for the lip sync translation and Dialog Editing. It was lots of fun to work with such good people here in Berlin.
We recorded several hundred voice prompts for a Handy and Computer game in english and german for SF hero Perry Rhodan. We had over 10 characters to record like a deep bitter sweat alien or Mr. Rhodan himself. It was a lot of fun and we just cant wait till the next episodes...
In the next 2 month Mixwerk will produce over 50 minutes of lip synced german audio for the Tom Tom Summer Project. Due to the "Just in time" translation and production we will work under extrem short deadlines. Everytthing will be posted in social network parallel. Here is the link to the webpage.
Die besten Mikrofone für Sprachaufnahme 2015, unser neuer Mixwerk Blog ist Online. Wir haben über 60 Mikrofone auf Ihre Eignung für Sprachaufnahmen getestet. Dazu noch die wichtigsten Infos, welche Mikrofontypen für welche Sprecher geeignet sind. Das ist wohl der derzeit umfangreichste Zusammenastellung für alle Sprecher und Studios in unserem Business. Also reinschauen. Hier geths zum Blog: {title} {text} {readmore}
For the movie"United Passion" we recorded in a night session with Source Connect/Skype german actor Thomas Kretschmann. The ADR material just came before the recordign took place but we managed to finished at the sceduled time. After the recording we made a photo of Thomas and Uwe from Mixwerk.