Here you will find an overview of our services. If you have any further questions, just contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Voice recording Berlin

Whether Chinese, Ukrainian or German: in our professionally equipped studios, we have been recording professional voices in more than 70 languages for over 15 years. We specialise in dubbing as well as voice recording for documentaries, commercials, promotional and product films, e-learning, audiobooks and computer games.

Our customers include large and small production companies, television and radio stations, brands and agencies. Feel free to browse through our portfolio: you can find it on our YouTube channel under Mixwerk (click here) or on our homepage.

You can also discover many dubbing, documentary and commercial voices that you can listen to directly by clicking here.

Computer games

Our studios are well-equipped for voice recording for computer games: the scripts are displayed on monitors in our recording rooms. This enables fast and efficient work, especially with large Excel spreadsheets. As soon as the voice recording is done, the recorded lines are cut and titled according to the customer’s needs. We have an extensive network of professional voices for computer games, also in various foreign languages. If required, we can put together entire teams of experienced recording managers, directors and translators.

Telephone announcements

With us you get the perfect telephone voice for your company - in every language. We also offer ready-made mixes with music and are happy to create simple voicemail announcements or announcement loops if needed. We will deliver your telephone announcements in the required audio format so that you can integrate them into your telephone system easily.

Post-production Berlin

You would like to not only create voice recordings for your film project but also have the entire post-production completed? No problem. At our Post-production Berlin studios, we offer you IT mixing, dialogue editing, sound design and final mixing for your project. We have large sound archives available with which we can creatively stage any element - whether for commercials, product films, documentaries or feature films.

We mix in all formats from 2.0 (stereo) up to 7.1.6 (Dolby Atmos Home). We know the ropes of all loudness standards. At our post-production Berlin we place great emphasis on data security. Therefore you will receive your finished production via an encrypted download link on our secure Mixwerk server or as an FTP upload via our secure data network.


For large film studios as well as smaller production companies we offer lip-synchronous dubbing of films, series and commercials. We work with video inserters and ADR software such as Eurotaker or Steinberg Nuendo. This allows the actors to concentrate on their performance and achieve perfect synchronicity. Our dubbing studios are designed for ADR (Automated Dialogue Recording). Using IP connections, such as SessionLink Pro or Source-Connect Pro, directors or dialogue editors can also be switched on live externally.

Film dubbing

We dub films for everyone from smaller filmmakers to international brands in more than 70 languages with native speakers. Our recording studios are optimised for dubbing corporate films, e-learning, TV commercials or voice-over recordings.

We would be happy to advise you on the choice of voices and technical details for your dubbing. You can also listen to our native and German speakers directly by clicking here. Have fun.


E-learning or web-based training (WBT) require clear articulation. Experienced voices are particularly in demand for difficult text content, such as medical texts. We are prepared to implement your e-learning project with a vast database of specifically trained narrators in all languages.

We guarantee professional implementation: the individual slides or chapters of your e-learning recordings will be cut, titled and adapted according to the specifications. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can also minimise production time and guarantee the fastest possible delivery of your project.


We have been making voice recordings for TV commercials as well as radio and online commercials for over 15 years. Complete advertising productions from casting, selection of the right music, to sound design and the final mixing are our passion. Here we are happy to contribute our comprehensive expertise. With us you will find well-known but also fresh and unheard voices. We are happy to answer any questions or requests for advice.