For the museum of navigation we recorded the german guide. Here is the Trailer: Rummuseum Trailer
Mixwerk produced an 150minutes audioplay in german with 20 Episodes for german learning purposes for the Göthe Institut Johannesburg/South Africa. We provided Director, Cast, Voice recordings, SFX and all the music in an 2 month production. The final goal was to produce easy german learning courses full of action and drama. We had a lot of fun during the production and we hope to help african children and adults to learn the german language, which is not always easy...
Wir produzierten mit professionellen Sprecherinnen für eine bekannte deutsche Agentur in 7 Sprachen Inhalte unter anderen in hebräisch, arabisch und allen skandinavischen Sprachen.
For the german Formula One Trailer of RTL we recorded with the voice of Olaf Baden several spots. One of them you can enjoy here.
We recorded for the UNHCR the german TV campaign for Syria, Dafur and other refugee camps. With the well known german voice of Till Hagen we hope to contribute a bit to this very important UN Refugee Agency.