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Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios part 4

Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios part 4
Welcome to the fourth part of our Mixwerk-Dubbing Studio-Construction-Blog in which we deal with the setting up of the construction team and construction planning. On the cover picture you see one of 19 sound absorber boxes, which we built for the access of the air conditioning hoses into the studio rooms so that there are no open holes in the stud...
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Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios

Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios
Hello everybody, On multiple demand today we are starting our new blog topic and current mammoth project: the construction of dubbing studios in Berlin. A short jump into the past: It all began about 2 years ago as we sat together over a morning cup of coffee and pondered about the future of Mixwerk. The thought of doing more dubbing work in the fu...
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The best microphones for voice recording 2015

After intensive research here come our new article with over 60 microphones for Voice Over. Click here:
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Did you ever heard of ISDN Recording ?

Hi there,

this question will be answered in just a few years with a simple “no”. So today we will make a small analysis of the IP Market for voice over.

First of all: The “voice-over IP revolution“ that everybody was waiting for is already over. And just a few have seen the signs…
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The best mic-preamp combination- the best voiceover vocal chain

After much research we proudly present the best combination of microphones and preamplifier for voiceover. But before we start, here are some important factors that you have to "inhale" for voiceover:
1.) First, test a new combination of mic and preamp before you buy it. Some voices can be perfect on, for example, a Neumann TLM103, but some have just too much sibilance. So ask you local dealer to get some mics and preamps to test before buying.

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The best Voice Over Preamps

Here is a list of the preamps we would recommend for voice over. But remember: It is always the combination of Mic, Preamp and AD converter which defines the result. Not to mention "little things" like EQ, Compression or even cables (we only use Monster Cables or Vovox Klangleiter in our studios):

DAV_bg 1u front

  DAV No. 1U
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