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Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios

Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios
Hello everybody,

On multiple demand today we are starting our new blog topic and current mammoth project: the construction of dubbing studios in Berlin.

A short jump into the past: It all began about 2 years ago as we sat together over a morning cup of coffee and pondered about the future of Mixwerk. The thought of doing more dubbing work in the future had grown inside of everyone involved for quite some time. But our current recording studios are usually well occupied by other voice productions, and since smaller or larger orders come in again and again, our studios are never really free for doing dubbing work a whole week. In addition there is the lack of support for multi-channel mixes - for example "Dolby 5.1" or for more sophisticated productions "Dolby Atmos".

So the plan to build our own dubbing studios grew more and more and now ... well here we are, planning and building since six weeks eagerly in the south of Berlin. We are building three more dubbing studios with control- and recording rooms as well as four other rooms for editing work on 400 square meters. Don't worry, our location in Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg will be preserved, we are building three additional studios. The way to get there was paved with some stumbling blocks and the number of grey hair has also increased since then because a lot has to be planned after all. In addition to acoustic and electrotechnical decisions, topics such as fire protection and price calculations must also be taken into account. Where shall we place the server rooms, how will technology and recording material be secured and how can we make our recording rooms visually appealing without missing acoustical high-quality? In addition, there is the search for suitable architects, acousticians, site managers, etc. …

We have decided to document all this in the hope that you can benefit and learn from our experiences and mistakes. This blog is aimed at studio building enthusiasts, speakers who need information for their own recording booths and equipment as well as all the other studio freaks out there. In a two-week rhythm we will bring you up to date with our work sitting between wooden profiles, percussion drills and acoustic panels.
Here are two pictures to give you a first impression in advance, showing the rooms which we found after a long search. We hope you enjoy reading our blog.

Surroundings of the recording studios

Our new dubbing studios are located in the south of Berlin near the Mariendorf trotting track. Well located for all dubbing actors who live in the west or south of Berlin. The industrial yard has high safety standards, security and many parking spaces. So there should be no car roulette as far as possible..
Our 400 square meters don´t seem to look like much yet, but that will change soon. We are busy drilling and sawing, carrying tons of heavy material from A to B, up, down and up again. Everything under the supervision of Uwe - our planning master.

The rooms before the construction

In fact, our studios are currently just a large empty room with a reverberation time of just eight seconds. The height is 3.58 meters, very important for the later ceiling constructions. The surroundings in the house are very quiet. So there are no machines that could affect our recordings later. Nevertheless, we are building in such a way that we will absorb all frequencies under 30 Hz. You never know what's rumbling in the lower ranges from time to time ...

We will continue with more details in the second blog post ...

Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios p...
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Friday, 30 October 2020
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