Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios part 5

Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios part 5
Intermediate result: For a long time there was no update from us but this has its reason. We have been busy with the studio expansion and have mastered most of the drywall construction. There were a few hurdles to overcome, a lot of wood was sawn and occasionally some injuries were accepted. Today we want to present you a little preview how far we are up to date, what we have done in the last weeks and what hurdles we still have to overcome. ​
Figure 1 We are busy building the first wooden stamps for our studio laths. The first incidents already occurred. It is always good to have bandages with you. Resourceful parquet layers swear by sawdust ;)

Where to start? Maybe with the fact that we have stored a large stack of wooden strips, several packages (four full pallets in total) of rock wool, pre-sawn OSB boards and three almost endlessly heavy rolls of linoleum in the studio. And then there was a big delivery of parquet wood.

We started with the construction of the absorber walls in the studio rooms. A wooden batten had to be attached to the walls. We probably built 700 wooden stamps, mounted them and built a single large cage in each room with connecting slats. A part of the gaps is then filled with specially made absorbers to balance the room modes. The rest is filled with rock wool.

The necessary planning was done by the acoustic company XXX. Parallel to our work, the parquet has already been laid. With the nimble hands of our parquet layer, the rooms that we have designed on the computer are created piece by piece.

Figure 2 Profile woods are installed in all studio and recording rooms ...
Figure 3 ... and thus result in the limitation for all absorber elements and the insulation.
Figure 4 With the parquet flooring that goes with it, our first recording booth becomes almost homely.
Figure 5 Here the first insulation blocks are already attached and the fastening for the coming diffuser field.

After about two weeks of intensive work and commuting between the construction site here and our already existing studio rooms in Prenzlauer Berg, we installed the battens in every room.

The next step was to fill it with rock wool. Fortunately, after the last delivery, we filled our entire foyer with it. In a labyrinth of packages reaching up to the ceiling you are always looking for a circular saw, a cordless screwdriver with a suitable bit or just a missing colleague. The best way to process the rock wool is with a cake knife. In addition to the insulation, we also use it in the absorbers.

We have built these in two variants, which differ in thickness - depending on whether we want to compensate for depths or heights. Parallel to the recording windows we have specially made diffusors attached.

Figure 6 Man At Work: Uwe works diligently to install the first diffuser segments ...
Figure 7 ... and has pulled it through to the end.

What we have already done is the wiring for our ceiling lights as well as power and audio cables for the speakers. Here you should already think about cable ducts in advance, if you have to add (or even change) one or the other cable afterwards. With us a large part will run on the ground. The access is made possible by the still to be attached baseboards. But enough now because otherwise we won't be able to work anymore. We will still turn a few screws, but report to you in the next blog post more about our construction.

Figure 8 Slowly the walls fill up with rock wool as insulation ...
Figure 9 ... and with our absorber walls and devices for the loudspeakers.
Figure 10 Our almost finished Studio #3, where we have already installed the complete parquet flooring, insulation and absorber. Also the mounting for the ceiling lights is already there. Now only the fabric covering of the walls and the remaining wiring is missing. More about this in the next article.
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Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios p...
Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios p...

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