Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios part 3

Dubbing Studio berlin 3

We continue with the third part of our dubbing studio build-blog in Berlin. Today we will give an overview of four essential organizational elements. These include:

  • -Financing our own construction project
  • -Fire protection considerations
  • -Composition of the construction team from the architect, acoustician up to the parquet publisher
  • -Technical equipment of the studios

In this part we will put our focus on financing and fire protection issues because there are already some things to consider here. Every larger project needs to be thought through because you can quickly miscalculate and end up spending more money than you actually wanted. Saving money at the wrong side - e.g. with materials or the construction team - can end up in experiencing unpleasant surprises. But all this step by step ...

A lot of money is needed for our construction project and we were not able to provide everything on our own. So we needed bank financing. We had founded a new GmbH in the run-up to the project and in order to be able to convince the appropriate banks, a financing plan was necessary. Further it required a "self-disclosure". This is about questions, how much money and assets you have, which debts there are already and whether there are for example Schufa entries. But it is not enough. Family members have to provide this information too because the bank wants to be on the safe side. Now one could say, the deposits for a GmbH are security enough but thats not true. 25.000€ capital stock (and so much must be deposited with a GmbH at least) is not sufficient here by far. In addition a GmbH must be at least two years old in order to receive a credit and for enterprises interest rates of 3-5% are the rule. Roughly one should calculate with approximately 2.500 - 4.000€ per studio square meter. All this makes you think about because the expenditure is huge.
Illustration 1 For a successful financing you will be closely examined.  

On the other hand you have time to think about the matter carefully. Here you can still leave the supposedly sinking ship. But we are "daredevils" and it's boring to live life without any risk. We have also spent too much time planning all the construction stuff. So let's go!

The topic of fire protection should also not be underestimated because clear rules apply for proper implementation. Every larger commercial property requires a so-called fire protection plan, which must be adapted to small commercial units. Here one must consider various peculiarities. For example, doors may not be opened in escape routes. This sounds trivial but has led us to comprehensive concept changes. So we were not allowed to use our planned lock doors any more because the corridor in front was an escape route. Now we will use metal doors with an insulation of 56 dB. Who would like to experience more over the topic fire protection can read itself on the Website of the „Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gewerbe", please click here. Nevertheless our good connection to the building authorities enabled us a rapid start of construction - a high on good architects because a renewed permission could have lasted between 6 - 12 months. In the following you will find the fire protection plan of our construction building. The green arrows mark the fire brigade movement areas. The hydrants are marked in blue. In the next part we will deal with the construction team as well as the technical studio equipment.

Illustration 7  Our building - fire protection plan

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Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios p...
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