Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios part 6

Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios part 6
New year - new building luck: A lot has happened and although we did not quite manage to complete our construction as early as 2019, we have achieved quite a lot.

Let's start with the parquet floor. All floors are finished and can only be walked on with velvet shoes from now on. In addition, all windows, doors and lights have been installed. With a weight of approx. 152 kg per door and our double windows, a lot had to be done here in order to fit everything exactly and also to ensure good sound absorption.
We rounded off this construction step with an impact sound measurement.
Our acoustician had brought along a so-called hammer mechanism especially for this purpose. Set up in the vestibule and started up, we only heard a very quiet typing in the individual studios.

But our neighbours were rather worried that we would always make such loud noises in the future and came over to us in a very short time to check what was going on ... 

Illustration 1 Our wooden floor with herringbone Parquet

Illustration 2  With the doors and windows the building feeling slowly disappears from the rooms.
But that is not all. In the meantime we have laid all the necessary audio and video cables and closed the corresponding cable ducts. The tons of rock wool have been used up (eBay helped us a little bit) and also in the foyer the windows and glass doors have been installed.

Furthermore, a lot of fabric has already been stretched and will be stretched. With a first layer of white molleton we covered walls and ceilings. This way we can hide our absorbers and at the same time reduce high frequencies a little bit.

We are currently installing black tensioning strips on all levels so that our craftsmen can later add a second layer of decorative fabric here.

Illustration 3  This wall in the studio room is ready to be covered ...

Illustration 4 ... and this one has already been strung. Here you can see the result, together with a diffuser field parallel to the direction window.

The result can already be seen in our first studio. We're going to attach some more strips and we'll see you again soon when we set up the studio equipment.

Illustration 5  Here we attach the tensioning bars for the second fabric layer

Illustration 6  Want some coffee? There'll be plenty of coffee in our new foyer soon enough. It just needs a little bit of order and comfort.

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Dubbing Studio Berlin - Building Dubbing Studios p...

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