Selfmarketing for Voice talents

Selfmarketing for Voice talents

Welcome to our blogreview of how to make the best application as an voiceover artist...

We hope to help you to get your voicedemos to clients, studios and voice agencies all over the world. We will highlight the possibilities of your "self-marketing" from our point of view. This blog is aimed at successful speakers and also those interested in becoming a professional voicetalent.

All articles are written from a personal point of view but maybe other studios and agencies see it the same way...

The blog is subdivided into "first contact", that is when someone contacts us for the first time and we do not know him or her, and the "second contact or newsletter".

In another blog post we will then deal with the sense and nonsense of audio voicesamples both in a technical and artistic point of view.

Here we go.

From my own experience, I know how difficult it is to successfully contact agencies and studios in the highly competitive professional voice market.

Almost every day we receive inquiries from speakers who want to be listed with us. There are 4 types of first applications (in brackets the frequency):

1.) By email (65%)
2.) By telephone (25%)
3.) Personally on site (7%)
4.) By mail (3%)

I would not say that there is a preferred way of applying. This depends on your talents. However, the unannounced personal appearance at our agency is rather problematic and can lead to a rather fast ending of the meeting due to the lack of time. I would therefore rather refrain from this type of first application.

There are a number of success factors for every sort of application. So here's my assessment of the chances of success depending on the type of application:

By far the most frequent first application and the easiest. However, it is not as personal as the telephone application.

Therefore you have to think very carefully how to structure it. The following applies here:

Please use always personal approach, not "Hello Mixers" or just"hello". Find out beforehand, who is the appropriate contact person at our agency. This applies to all agencies or studios. A "hello" email we like to throw in the trash.

Its also bad when you send us only your dubbing demos, because we do dubbing in German our other languages, but we have extern poeple doing the casting for us. So we are not the right contact in that matter.

Please stay short and to the point in your email. Even if you are already 15 years part of our business, a lot of other voices are even longer there.

And one question: Why should we read through a five-page resume with tons of dubbing references and great clients, enjoyable photos and extreme hobbies when we only need one speaker for the next elearning? Keep it short and sweet.

And it's tailored to our customers and not yours!

Inform yourself about our company send your demos individually tailored to our clients. This increases your "impact" extremely and you are less arbitrary.

In general, the biggest disadvantage of an email application is the arbitrariness. You have to cloud this issue.

If you are rather new to the speaker market and have little experience then the phone application is probably the best. We can hear your voice right away and you can disguise the lack of experience.

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