Voiceover application part 3 - personally or via postal service

Voiceover application part 3 - personally or via postal service

Welcome to our review of voice talents who contact us. Today we talk about personal appearance at our agency or regular mail by post.

Very few voice talents ring at our door here at the speaker agency and sound studio Berlin. We would recommed not to contact personally agencies or recording studios without prior notice. 

But if you want to do that, you should be well prepared, know your contacts and have a CD or a USB stick with your voice demos with you.

Maybe its a good idea to show up peronally at bigger studios or agencies.

As an alternative, there is the possibility to call beforehand and say that you are "just in the area" and "could come over". However, then your personal appearance is your second contact and the first contact would be via phone. Then everything that we have said under "2.) Contact via telephone" would be important.

The first application by mail is already something special and needs more time to prepare than by email. Nevertheless, the mail is always read by us and the danger to be clicked away like an email does not exist.

A big disadvantage of voice demos on CDs is that we can not read them digitally. So a USB stick would be better. It's already available for 5 Euros/USD, so it should not be a problem. Remember that the formatting for PC and MAC is very important so that we can read it.

And finally, downloading the voice samples from CDs or USBs takes much more time than clicking on an email download link. So this is another disadvantage.

In summary we advise against applications by regular mail, the medium Internet or telephone is much faster and more up to date.

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